Robotic technologies center


Some independent activities are carried out in the first Russian Center of Robotic Technologies SPC "Technovotum", which was opened in 2016:

1. Research activities to develop nondestructive testing technologies by using robotics and mechatronics.

2. Advanced training by using remote technologies led in the Center of Additional Professional Education (license of the Moscow City Department of Education No. 037139) intended for: (лицензия Департамента образования г. Москвы № 037139):

  • Specialists of non-destructive testing subdivisions (laboratories) of cargo and passenger trains, program «Magnetic and ultrasonic testing specialist», Advance training certificates are issued;
  • Employees of wagon-repair enterprises, program «Vibration monitoring of wheelset axle box bearings» Advance training certificates are issued.

3. Professional training for schoolchildren of the grades 7-11, programs "Industrial Robotics" and "Machine Vision". Upon completion of the training course, Certificates are issued for all participants. The best participants get prizes.

4. "Technonavigator": journeys for schoolchildren and students aimed at the professional education in the fields of innovation, high technology, modern industrial production and entrepreneurship.