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СHAMELEON 32+ (32/64)

By means PA piezo-electric, multi-element probes, Сhameleon 32+ (32/64) detector expands opportunities of ultrasonic testing (UT) allowing its performance in quick and meaningful manner with flaw imaging in the scanning plane. Phased array probes of own production and of linear (in-line) type with 16 and 32 elements and 0°, 36° angle wedges are used. Sensors and wedges can be customized in accordance with Your requirements.
Adaptive software of
Сhameleon 32+ detector makes it possible to change quickly the laws of ultrasonic wave propagation and focusing. Software permits testing setup to be made in semi-automatic mode and contains Auto Dimension and Auto Protocol functions allowing testing report to be transformed into PDF file and sent immediately to control station by GSM communication. 
Execution option: Monoblock or separate hardware solution for industrial automation.

Main technical parameters:
  • Up to 64 independent channels of ultrasonic testing (0.3÷20 MHz);
  • Entry angle range: 0 to 90°;
  • Operating range of gain – up to 80dB;
  • Scan support: A, B, C, D, L, S
  • Geolocation: GPS, GLONASS
  • Interfaces: USB, LAN, GSM

Сhameleon 32+ detector is equipped with modern means of control and visualization with possibility of support of standard and specialized peripherals (tomographic scanners, flash drives, GPS receivers, Internet communication means, etc.). When scanner is connected, it records the covered distance (B-scan) with obtaining of coordinate scan. Long-time autonomous operation and protected housing provide detector operation in the field conditions.

Operational parameters:

  • Overall dimensions, not more: 260×290×140 mm;
  • Total weight, not more: 5 kg;
  • Battery, built-in: 12V, 20А/h (10 hours of operation);
  • PC pad: 11″, 1280х720 px;
  • Temperature range: -50° to +50°С

    Flaw in the rail base.
    Was detected simultaneously by waves of two types –
    longitudinal and transverse. Function considering the item
    thickness was applied. RSP (rail-welding machine)-1,
    Oktyabrskaya Railroad

    Three flaws in the rail welded joint.
    Depth of location from 55 to 125 mm; visible from one PA position.
    Jelgava, NDT (non-destructive testing) Center of Latvian Railways

    Flaw in the welded seam.
    Application of function of signal accumulation and freezing
    on S-scan and А-scan


  • Automatic gain control mode