TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)



Many technical solutions implemented firstly in the multi-functional flaw detector TOMOGRAPHIC UD4-ТМ were adopted by other companies. However, even now, the updated TOMOGRAPHIC UD4-ТМ remains the benchmark for new manufacturers of NDT means as a source of ideas. Perhaps, it is one of the top instruments that has changed completely conceptual approach to instrument engineering; it is copied, it serves as a reference standard and target of criticism – everything as it must be with the real leader.


  • Certification of probes (measurement of actual parameters of every applied piezoelectric probe – PEP)
  • Visualization of flaw position in metal layer or welding seam
  • Evaluation of flaw shape and dimensions by tomographic image
  • Plotting and processing of scans: A, B and TOFD (time of flight diffraction method being the most efficient for testing of welded joints)
  • Automatic determination of ultrasonic oscillations velocity in various materials and delay in wedge
  • Built-in system to trace acoustic contact for all executed ultrasonic applications


  • Extended dynamic range of up to 140 dB makes it possible to reveal flaws of various dimensions and location depth without sensitivity switching;
  • Programmable generator (synthesizer) allows optimal selection of the sounding pulse shape for sensors with different characteristics, which increases significantly sensitivity and improves detectability of flaws.
  • 400W generator power is more than adequate for “sounding” within low-frequency band (through transmission method) the 100mm layer of foamed plastic in metal sheath of 0.5mm thickness.
  • Digital data processing permits quality and trustworthiness of testing to be improved considerably:
    • RNC (reverbation and noise characteristics) compensation to detect subsurface flaws at shallow depths;
    • Fourier-analysis of received signal for visualization of acoustic path parameters, digital filters, etc.
  • Software updating through Internet (technical support section) as far as new versions are released.

Basic set of the TOMOGRAPHIC UD4-ТМ software includes the “NDT operator automated workstation” (NDT operator AWS) application intended for computerized processing and storage of data on testing results obtained from the flaw detector archive. In addition, AWS allows updating of software of the UD4-ТМ instrument and provides possibility of convenient review, navigation and report generation.


«Tomographic 1.3.» — PEP certification (DGS-diagrams)
«Tomographic 1.1.» — general purpose ultrasonic flaw detector (0.2-10MHz);
«Tomographic 1.2.» — EMA thickness meter with measurement range from 0.2 to 1,000 mm;
«Tomographic 1.4.» — NDT operator AWS (service application for communication between flaw detector and Windows PC)

«Tomographic 2.1.» — combined technique of ultrasonic testing of the railway vehicle wheel sets: RD 07.09-97
«Tomographic 2.2.» — technique of ultrasonic testing of the railway axles: RD 32.144-2000;
«Tomographic 2.3.» — technique of ultrasonic testing of locomotive and MDRS (motor driven rolling stock) parts;
«Tomographic 2.4.» — technique of ultrasonic testing of the passenger vehicle wheel sets: FPC (Federal Passenger Company) Industry Standard 1.11.001-2010;

«Tomographic 2.5.» — technique of eddy-current testing of vehicle parts: RD 32.150-2000;
«Tomographic 2.6.» — technique of ultrasonic testing of railroad switches and welded joints of rails: PS (Procedure Specification) 07.47-2005, PS 07.22-2000;
«Tomographic 2.7.» — technique of eddy-current testing of locomotive and MDRS parts;
«Tomographic 2.8.» — combined ultrasonic testing of cargo vehicle wheel sets: NDT Regulations V.2 and и NDT PS V.21-1;
«Tomographic 2.9.» — combined ultrasonic testing of cargo vehicle wheel sets: RZD (Russian Railways) Industry Standard RZD 1.11.002-2008.

«Tomographic 3.1.» — resonance flaw detector (0.2–1.0 MHz);
«Tomographic 3.2.» — acoustic tensometer (acoustoelasticity method for determination of the degree of tightening of threaded pieces);

«Tomographic 4.1.» — eddy-current flaw detector;
«Tomographic 4.2.» — eddy-current meter of coating thickness;

«Tomographic 5.1.» — multimedia player FlashPlayer;
«Tomographic 5.2.» — arithmetic calculator;
«Tomographic 5.4.» — battery state