Tomographic 1.3 – PEP Certification

Using calibration block ON-1 or SO-3R, the “PEP Certification" (DGS-diagrams) software application allows measurement of the main PEP characteristics, including delay in wedge, entry angle for steel, calculation of amplitude-frequency response and plotting of DGS-diagrams. From the practical point of view, this function allows application of sensors from various manufacturers taking into account their individual error and degree of wear.
Prompt indicating specific reflector’s signal to be received and envelope is displayed on the screen. Signal with highest amplitude is adopted for further calculations. In total, it is sufficient to carry out three measurements.
When parameters are taken off, application makes it possible to check correctness of DGS-diagram using a flaw with known equivalent area and to store obtained results into the archive (Fig. 1). Testing results are recorded by means of universal application NDT operator AWS. Application is operating with detected signal, which makes visual easier.

Functional data:

  • Determination of entry angle, delay in wedge and DGS- diagram of sensor using calibration blocks SO-2 and SO-3R
  • Mode of DGS-diagram verification
  • signal (visualization)
  • Automatic gain control
  • Archive for 1,000 records