TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)

Tomographic 1.4 – NDT operator AWS

Automated work station of the NDT operator (AWS) is designed for computer processing and storing of data on test results obtained from the flaw detector archive. In addition, NDT operator AWS allows updating of the Tomographic UD4-ТМ software versions, convenient navigation and review of both obtained and saved data, and preparation of reports of test results.

Functional Features:

  • Receipt of test results from the flaw detector nonvolatile memory through RS232/USB interface and record of such data into the database.
  • Concept of basic module (kernel) and auxiliary modules (components) for processing of operating results of the specific application like “General Purpose Flaw Detector”, “Thickness Meter”, etc.
  • Visualization by means of screenshots of all data on flaws, instrument settings and probe parameters for every result received from the flaw detector.
  • Navigation through databases of obtained results, sorting of records, as well as removal of unrequired records from databases.
  • Documentation of results, including production of the report hard prints and report saving on disc in the form of separate file.

AWS software is implemented using Windows technology providing user-friendly interface, easy data readout and review on the PC display.

Main AWS operating modes:

  • Recording and deletion of applications to/from the instrument;
  • Receipt of test results from the flaw detector;
  • Operations with acquired data;
  • Preparation of report on test results (documentation).

Recording and deletion of applications, as well as receipt of data on the instrument and printing of reports is performed on the tab “Ineraction Manager”.