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Tomographic 2.2, RD 32.144-2000

Specialized software application Tomographic 2.2 (Axle-270) implements the testing procedure for rough and finished axles in accordance with RD 32.144-2000 and RMI 230-015-87. Ultrasonic testing procedure is intended to reveal non-penetrability of ultrasonic waves and discontinuities in the railway axles of any type (rolled, solid) during acceptance inspection.

During testing of ultrasonic waves penetrability, sensitivity is adjusted in accordance with RD 32.144-2000 by bottom echo-signal in calibration block SO-2. At the same time, it is possible to make adjustment using reference block with alternative calibration reflectors ensuring repeatability of sensitivity setting. During testing for presence of flaws, sensitivity is adjusted using reference blocks applied in industry or at enterprises with flat bottom reflectors located at minimal, middle depth and near to maximal depth of tested area.

Axles and axle billets are tested by means of optical coordinate device "AXLE-270" designed for determination of PEP position on the end face of billet. In addition to determination of the flaw location depth, application of the coordinate device makes it possible to determine the flaw position in relation to the center of billet and ensures control over PEP movements.

In the process of testing, axle end face with images of tested points is displayed schematically on the flaw detector screen. Software application monitors automatically availability of optical contact between coordinate device and PEP. In the process of testing, application can be controlled both by means of buttons on the front panel of instrument and keypad on the coordinate device.

On completion of testing, its results are entered into the archive. To that end, it is necessary to enter the number of axle and the number of melt. These numbers can be entered both by means of buttons on the front panel of instrument and keypad on the coordinate device. Test results are documented by means universal application NDT operator AWS.

Functional Data:

  • Setup using both calibration blocks and reference blocks with alternative reflectors.
  • Monitoring of PEP movement on the billet end face.
  • Archives of setting and results.
  • Automatic gain control.
  • Control of testing process by means of coordinate device keypad.