TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)

Tomographic 2.7, Eddy-current testing of locomotive and MDRS parts

Specialized software Tomographic 2.7 is intended for eddy-current testing of locomotive and motor driven rolling stock (MDRS) parts during their scheduled repair of any type in railway depots and factories.
Visualization of test results for perception is achieved by means of signal presentation in the form of bar chart, vector or marker in the complex plane. Software provides analysis of the signal hodograph diagram improving detection of signal from a flaw against the background of noises.

In order to reduce influence of human factor on test results, baseline monitoring of operator’s actions, as well as tuning out of probe inclination and gap on the tested object is implemented.

In conjunction with eddy-current testing technique, scanning device USK-TL is used, which is equipped with built-in eddy-current probe to reveal manufacturer’s marks on tires in order to prevent the over reject (false flaw responses in the marking area). Due to built-in multi-channel system, ultrasonic and eddy-current probes operate simultaneously.

Data is stored in the instrument archive in the form of reports with possibility of their preliminary review. Software application Tomographic 2.7 provides statistical processing and sorting of data under criterion set by operator. Data are transmitted from instrument into computer by means of Windows application “NDT operator AWS”.

Software characteristic features:

  • Displaying of signals in complex plane and time-based sweep of signal projections;
  • Archive for up to 500 settings and 1,000 flaw images;
  • Testing of rough and unmachined surfaces;
  • Evaluation of flaw depth and length;
  • Visualization of scanning path and graphical prompts;

Archive of results makes it possible to review all required information on test parameters and results. Test results are documented by means of universal application.