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Tomographic 5.1 — multimedia player FlashPlayer

Software module Video-player (FlashPlayer) is a service application supplied together with instrument. It is intended mainly for reproduction of training clips for various testing techniques implemented in instrument directly on its screen.

Training clip allows more obvious presentation of specific features and advantages of one or another technique implemented in instrument and, together with technical documentation, is designed to provide to the fullest possible extent an insight into work with software application implementing the specific technique, as well as to simplify the training process of work with application.

In addition, this application allows reproduction of any other flash clips in Macromedia Flash (*.swf files) format of version 3 and lower. Application represents the fully-functional player implementing function like "Start", "Pause", "Stop", "Next playback ", "Previous playback ".

Application allows easy handling of clips available in the instrument adding or removing them into/from the play list. New clips are recorded, while old ones are deleted by means of AWS application.