TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)



TRACK is an autonomous ultrasonic system - addition to personal computer. On the control PC, using the application software (supplied), the operator generates the necessary monitoring parameters and performs the adjustment of the acoustic path: by frequency, amplitude and shape of the emission pulse. Then the prepared data is transferred to the TRACK in the form of an algorithmic control instruction, or a set of instructions.

The TRACK is a universal NDT acoustic system that allows you to create your own types of ultrasonic devices: Flaw-detectors, Structurescopes or Thickness gauges, realizing well-known methods of ultrasonic testing:
• Echo;
• Echo-Shadow;
• Echo-mirror;
• Shadow;
• Mirror-shadow;

The presence of a documented protocol of interaction with the PC gives to operator the ability to develop the own applications and testing methodic.

TRACK allows using any types of transducers: with dual and single element.
Due to the possibility of flexible tuning of the probe pulse and receiver (Frequency range from 0.2-10 MHz, dynamic range up to 140 dB) parameters, the TRACK has unique capabilities for research applications in the exploration of signal characteristics, Transducers, acoustic properties of materials and development of specialized testing methods. To control the external process equipment, a connector with TTL-level signals "SCANNER" is output to the front panel of the device.

Together with TRACK the Slider M1 is used. It is a mechanical system of two-dimensional coordinate fixing (specialized coordinate device) intended for automatic determination of the coordinates of the defective area (X, Y).

Main applications:
• Ultrasonicsonography, ultrasonic structuremetry, ultrasonic tensometry
• Scientific research work
• Development of non-destructive testing methodic
• Educational process