TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)



The laser scanning and flaw detection test bench ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/DISK is designed for the non-destructive testing of aircraft engine parts, which product range is variable by type and size.

Testing methods:

  • measurement
  • eddy-current
  • ultrasonic

ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/DISK meets high requirements for inspection systems used for testing of engine components (aircraft disks, turbines, blades, etc.). For such parts, the basic testing method is eddy current technique, which requires high accuracy of probe positioning, angle of incidence to the surface and movement speed. The basic delivery set of measuring system includes a 2-axis triangulation laser sensor used to measure a surface's profile of test pieces or overall parametermeasurement. All Roboscope test benches have an open interface for integration with corporate IT applications to process, save, visualize and statistically analyse testing parameters.

The configuration options are defined by the customer's specification, including mixed solutions when one system is used as a part loader / unloader (auxiliary), and the other is directly focused on testing.