TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)



The laser scanning and flaw detection test bench ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/OR is intended for non-destructive testing of loose (pressed-off) axes of wheel pairs of railwayrolling stock. It is applied for testing of railway axes, including motorized with gear wheels or similar parts - shafts, pipes, cylinders, etc. The loading and unloading of the testpieces is carried out automatically from the accumulator with a special pneumatic gripper.

Testing methods:

• measuring (laser profilometry)

• eddy current,

• ultrasonic

All test parameters such as test piecevelocity, probeselectionand movement trajectories are set in the system at a stage of a procedure forming from settings menu. The inspection is managed in automatic mode with full visualization of 3D script and testing parameters. At the system designing stage, additional mechanization modules (loading / unloading, moving / rotating) etc. are included in the system functionality.

The ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/OR is a modern alternative to manual testing methods, completely eliminating the need for magnetic testing, while ensuring full documentation of the results and strict adherence to the sequence of execution of the specified methodic.