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ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/PV multi-paramenter test bench, is intended fortesting of subway cars hollow shaft wheel sets, series 81-720 / 721 and 81-740 / 741. System reveals non-compliance with the assembly procedures (e.g. inside - in a place where magnetic testing wasn`t performed) at hollow-shafts input testing.

The measurement testing carries out the measuring of:

• Mutual angular displacement of flanges,

• Diameter of connecting holes,

• Length of hollow shaft

Eddy current testing of:

• welded joints from the outer and inner sides of the area, along the entire circumference of the welding of the flange (defects such as lack fusion, crack with depth from 0.5 mm and length from 5 mm)

Upon agreement with acustomer and the need to increase testingreliability, the ROBOSCOPE VTM-5000/PV test bench can be equipped with an ultrasonic flaw-detector.