TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)



A robotized test bench of complex non-destructive testing of gear unit parts (covers, shaft, gear) of wheel sets of subway and motor driven rolling stock cars is used forplanned maintenance or complete examination of wheel sets.

A complicated configuration of gear unit parts requires precise positioning of eddy-current probes at a test piece, therefore test pieces are positioned on the ROBOSСOP VTM-5000/RD separately on a coordinate table in definite positions with fixation. For reducer covers made of non-ferromagnetic alloys, an eddy-current testing method is possibleonly, so magnetic testing methods are not applicable.

Using laser scanning function allows:

  • measure critical dimensions of test objects,
  • accurately display part surface profile,
  • calculate the optimal scanning paths for eddy-current testing.