ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/RSP is used at rail-welding enterprises, providing full quality control of the products in accordance with the acting regulations.The output (acceptance) inspection of contact welded railjoints is performed by an echo-pulse method with phased array probes. The rail scanning area in the weld zone (250 mm) is programmed according to the guiding documents by RZD,JSC.

The ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/RSP system is integrableinto a process flow of rail welding factories as a separate module of the rail line (of roller conveyer).

ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/RSP is programmed to perform ultrasonic testing of each welded joint throughout the section, laser measurement of geometric parameters and hardness testing of the welded seam. The number of testing zones and the sequence, as well as the parameters of the defect alarming (gate level), are specified in the system settings. Welded joints ultrasonic testing includes: rail base point, rail base, rail web and rail head.Welded joint geometrical parameter laser measurement is carried out by a 2-axis triangulation sensor, the use of additional measuring instrument such as master-straightedge isn`t required. The probes trajectories calibration in connection with the rail flapping (displacement) in the rolltable during the motion is performed automatically by the initial laser measurements.

The inspection total time, including laser geometric gaging and the formation of an "on-line" protocol takes less than 3 minutes.