The ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/RT test bench is intended for welded joints testing and the wagon metal base plate-frames diagnostics, as well as non-contact measurement of geometric parameters of the whole structure and its individual elements.

ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/RT are used in factories-manufacturers and maintenance plants during the input/output non-destructive testing process (NDT) of railway bogie plate frames. The rotation of bogie frames, relative to the robotic best bench, is carried out by a special roller-type turnover device, which is controlled from a single system, loading and unloading of monitoring objects is performed by a technological forklift (jenny).

Testing methods:

• measuring (laser profilometry),

• eddy current,

• ultrasonic.

The use of several NDT methods for the testing of massive large-sized structures, for the first time, allowed to automate testing by one system. In the ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/RT all modes are synchronized with the frame rotation, a human factor is eliminated, the time for conducting a full testing cycle is shortened, and the accuracy of transducer positioning is increased due to application of laser scanners.

ROBOSCOP VTM-5000/RT operating parameters, flaw detection probes and laser meter kit are determined together with acustomer at the design stage.