The method of ultrasonic testing, which uses an optical scanner OS-270, is designed to detect soundlessness and search for discontinuities in railway axles of all types (rolled, solid) at acceptance checkup.

The sensitivity setting at sound test is performed in accordance with RD 32.144-2000 on the bottom echo signal in a standard SO-2. Meanwhile it is possible to calibrate on an enterprise standard with alternative reference reflectors that provide sensitivity setting repeatability.

The sensitivity setting for defect inspection is performed on industry standards or reference standards of an enterprise with flat-bottomed reference reflectors lying on minimum, average and close to maximum depth of a test area.

During the inspection, the flaw detector screen schematically displays the end of the axis with images of the points at which the inspection is carried out. The program automatically checks for an optical contact between a coordinate device and a probe. The program control during the testing can performed with the keys located on the front panel of the device, and by the keyboard located on the coordinate device.

At the end of inspection the results are archived. To record the inspection results in the archive, enter an axle number and a cast number. Inspection data recording is carried out by a universal application ARM of NDT inspector.