TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)



The specialized method by tomographic 2.3 (to the flaw detector UD4-TM) is intended for  locomotive part testing of these series:

CS2, CS2t, its predecessor, CS4, CS4t, CS7, VL, 2TE116, 2TE10, M62, TEM2, CME-3, ER1,2,9, ED4M, ЭТ2.


    • Automatic distance calculation to defect and projection on X and Y axes.

    • Automatic gain control mode saves time on gain settings.

    • Results archive allows you to view all the required information about the parameters and inspection results. 

    • Inspection data recording is carried out by a universal application ARM of NDT inspector.

Range of inspected parts: axis, bandage, running surface, tooth space, traction engine pole fastening bolt, suspension bolt, driveshaft, small gear shaft, elongated hub, hanging shackle, suspension roller.

Bandage suspension inspection is performed using a scanner USK-TL significantly reducing the time and complexity of inspection. The scanner has a built-in position encoder enabling tomographic imaging and defective area coordinate determination. USK-TL has a built-in eddy current probe to detect factory branding of bandages in order to prevent rejection (false operation of defects in the area of branding). Due to the built-in multi-channel system, ultrasonic and eddy current probes work simultaneously!

The concept of Tomographic 2.3 application focused on maximum reduction of human factor via implementation such modes as:

• Acoustic contact check;

• Full probe monitoring;

• Attenuation in controlled materials analysis;

• Visualization of defects, including the equivalent area, depth and orientation in space;

• Built-in training demos for quick guidance to application.