TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)



In the flaw detector Tomographic UD4-TM implemented a function of the videoscope, designed to visualize inspection in hard-to-reach places. The set consists of a video camera with built-in illumination and a telescopic tripod. It’s connected to the flaw detector  by a standard connector  "Scanner" (on a side panel of device), the camera is activated from any application Tomographic UD4-TM, image output is projected on a screen of the flaw detector. This function enables simultaneous display on the device screen the testing area and a signal received from a transducer.

In railway techniques, the Video scanner is used for rail bolt hole video monitoring and visual detection of defects in a rail base without the use of auxiliary mirrors. Visual inspection is used to detect surface defects in welds of switch frogs welding of longitudinal cracks on a head running surface, as well as transverse cracks in a head, web and base of a rail. 

Video monitoring with a video scanner enables to include images of defective areas with their real size in the final test report.