TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)


Basic set Cost Quantity Add
2017-09-21-08-00-04-ud4.jpg TOMOGRAPHIC UD4-TM by request
2017-12-21-08-53-49-2017-09-24-13-16-34-1.png Power adapter with cable ( ~220v/-15v ) by request
2019-04-03-12-38-08-263_обтравл.png Rechargeable battery Li-ion (12v, full monitoring, automatic charge) by request
2019-04-03-12-38-18-методика.png Tomographic 1.1 – 'General Purpose Flaw Detector' software by request
2019-04-03-12-38-31-методика.png Tomographic 1.3 – 'PEP Certification' software by request
2019-04-03-12-39-27-методика.png Tomographic 1.4 – 'NDT operator AWS' software by request
2019-04-04-11-29-37-107B1806_1.png P111-5.0-К6, single element straight beam by request
2019-04-04-11-32-22-2,5 К 12_png.png P111-2.5-К12, single element straight beam by request
2019-04-03-12-40-05-New-Classical-Waterproof-Shoulder-Dslr-Camera-Bag.png Carrying bag by request
Accessories Cost Quantity Add
2019-05-14-07-17-08-Кабель интерфейсный (Lemo3-USB).png Interface cable Lemo3-USB by request
2019-04-03-12-39-47-213_обтравл_настроечный образец.png Test specimen SO-3R GOST 18576 by request
2019-04-03-12-41-58-271_обтравл_png.png by request
2019-04-03-12-55-46-48_обтравл_90.png P121-2.5-20, angle-beam by request
2019-04-03-12-57-19-48_обтравл_90.png P121-2.5-50, angle-beam by request
2019-06-06-11-28-42-П121-1.25-90-002.png P 121-1,25-90-002, angle beam probe, for axle middle part in spection by means surfaces waves, railway specializated by request
2019-05-08-12-13-29-П131-2,5-18.png P131-2.5-0/18, Specialized railroad cars transducer by request
2019-06-06-11-31-04-148_техновотум.png P121-0,4-90 (running surface of rail), Specialized railroad cars transducer by request
2019-04-09-13-07-53-image.png OSO 32.006-2002 sectoral standard sample PRNK by request
2019-04-03-14-50-26-210_обтравл_два.png OSO 32.008-2009 (№1, № 2) sectoral standard sample PRNK set by request
2019-04-17-09-53-58-уск_5.png Scanning device USK-5TM for wagon wheel inspectionby means staff flaw detectors (PRNK) by request
2019-04-17-11-28-56-Сканирующие устройство УСО-1ТМ (РВ2Ш) в комплекте, для дефектоскопии ЖД осей РВ2Ш штатными дефектоскопами (по ПР НК)_.png Scanning device USO-1TM for railway axes inspection by means staff flaw detectors ((PRNK) by request
2019-04-16-14-08-08-Механическое устройство очистки ЖД осей УОО-1Т (в соответствии с ПР НК).png Mechanical device for cleaning the railway axes UOO-1T (PRNK) by request
2019-04-03-12-53-08-методика.png Tomographic 2.9 "Combined ultrasonic testing of cargo vehicle wheel sets: RZD (Russian Railways) Industry Standard RZD 1.11.002-2008", software by request
2019-05-14-07-43-58-Кабель к ПЭП Lemo0 Lemo0.png Cable PEP (Lемо0/Lемо0) by request