Impedance transducers

Импедансные transducers


Working frequency: 0,03 MHz; dimensions: 36х25х95 mm

Separate-combined impedance transducers have higher sensitivity compared to combined transducers and are used for nondestructive testing of composite materials in conjunction with DAMI-С09 flaw detector and TERI impedance tester. They are intended for searching for discontinuities, non-adhesives, losses of the integrity of studied composite materials such as PCM, honeycomb panels with metal, polymer and mineral fillers, carbon fiber plastics, etc.

Импедансные transducers


Operating frequency: 10.0±2.0 kHz; working area diameter: Ø12±0.1 mm; overall dimensions with in 30x35x18 mm

The PADI-8-02K transducer is designed to detect non-adhesive and delamination defects in adhesive-bonded composite materials, cellular structures based on metals, carbon fiber plastics, and fiberglass, in various combinations with one-way access. PADI-8-02K transducer provides better sensitivity at smaller dimensions.