Eddy current transducers

Вихретоковые transducers

VTP-2-02, VTP-2-02U, VTP-3-02, VTP-3-02U, VTP-4-02, VTP-1С-02

Working frequency: 0,002 - 6,0 MHz; dimensions: Ø 14, Ø 20х37

Eddy current transducers presented in this section are designed to work with nondestructive testing devices for metallurgical industry, aviation transport, etc.This equipment can work with both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials. The main purpose is to detect surface and subsurface defects in materials with electrical conductivity.

Depending on the requirements, Technovotum offers a range of eddy current transducers:

These transducers consist of one or more inductive coils which ends are brought to a test surface. The product can have a ferromagnetic core or be manufactured without it. The core increases the sensitivity of the eddy current transducerand localizes the magnetic flux, reducing the test area. Contactmodels are used mostlytotest products with flat surfaces and structures of complex shapes. Transducers are crucialwhenhigh local sensitivity of testingis required;

During inspection process, an eddy current transducer passes outside or inside the object or is immersed in it (if liquid is being tested). Pass-typemodels are characterized by uniformity of magnetic field in testarea. This increases stability of transducer signal at radial motions of an object. External passageways are used to test linearly extended objects (bars, wires, pipes) and small mass-produced products (bearing balls, etc.). Inner surfaces of pipes, walls of holes in assys and parts can bescanned with internal transducers;

Eddy current transducers are capable toperform as both pass-type and contactones.